The Senior Attorney Match recruitment model involves:

  • A Senior Attorney joins a growing law firm either upon a fixed salary or shared revenue basis.
  • Payments to a Senior Attorney continue for a set period of time, including after a Senior Attorney retires, dies, or becomes disabled.
  • Senior Attorneys participate with matriculating their clients to the firm that a Senior Attorney joins.

The Senior Attorney Match model reduces financial risk to growing law firms by:

  • No upfront payment to a recruited Senior Attorney.
  • Instead, growing law firms compensate Senior Attorneys either upon a set salary, or more typically, upon a negotiated percentage of revenues generated from a Senior Attorney’s defined clients during an established number of years.

  • Payment of a predetermined success fee to Senior Attorney Match upon recruiting a Senior Attorney.

Recruitment structures include:

  • Establishing an Of Counsel or Employer-Employee relationships
  • Negotiating a law firm merger
  • Negotiating a law practice purchase
  • Establishing an agreement for a future, exclusive right for a law firm to become the successor-in-interest to a Senior Attorney’s law practice.